Experts in Real Estate Sales

With total experience of more than 500 years in professional real estate brokerage, Royal LePage Village agents are experienced negotiators who will make the complicated process of offers and counter-offers easier for you.

We know the area in depth, and we can provide you with accurate and rigorous information on the value of local real estate, taxes, transaction fees and public utilities as well as on all available resources.

Our brokers are familiar with the entire process of buying or selling a property, and their in-depth knowledge will guide you in the legal, financial and practical aspects of an acquisition.

A Royal LePage Village agent will advise you and ensure that you are making the best possible real estate transaction.

The Royal LePage advantage

Throughout the last 20 years, Royal LePage has experienced unprecedented growth in the Canadian real estate industry, and it handles about 25% of the market.

Since Royal LePage began franchising in 1995, some of the top agencies or real estate company owners have chosen Royal LePage as a business partner.

In the last 10 years, the Royal LePage system has more than doubled its workforce, and the company has tripled its market share. Amazingly, this growth has occurred during a period when the number of real estate brokers has been on the decline in Canada. Since 1990, the Canadian Real Estate Association has noted an annual drop in membership.

Royal Lepage is part of Brookfield, a conglomerate with over $150 billion in assets under management. In the real estate field, Brookfield blankets North America, with more than 80,000 agents and brokers. Its real estate network includes the Royal LePage, Johnson & Daniels, Prudential and Via Capitale banners.

Protection Royale

Your protection against latent defects, delays, withdrawals and special assessments that offers:


  • There are no premiums charged to you as this insurance is paid for by your participating Royal LePage broker. See the brochure.Securing the transaction process of the property.
  • Prevention of potential latent defect disputes between the buyer and the seller once the transaction has closed.
  • Support to you during the legal process in the event of a dispute regarding latent defects.

Royal LePage’s growth is continuing, with frequent announcements of new offices joining the network. The top brokers or owners of real estate companies across the country continue to choose Royal LePage.